Thursday, May 12, 2011

Employee Contract Attorney in Los Angeles

Are you looking for an employee contract attorney in Los Angeles?  Joseph Farzam Law Firm is an employee contract attorney in Los Angeles. As Los Angeles is a city in California, the California law will preside. 
An employee in California is most often considered at-will employment while being employed by an employer. At-will employment is a written employment contract which is more of an exception than a rule. However, in the absence of a written contract, the agreement may be deemed to be an implicit contract under certain circumstances.
Typically, employment contracts are drafted to define the terms and conditions of an employer-employee relationship. This document also provides the employer with power over his employees which would include the following: ability to leave business, the grounds for termination, available benefits, the methods for resolving disputes, and limitations on competition and disclosure of trade secrets and other business information).
However, a written employment contract may pose a problem to an employer.  This could happen in circumstances such as if he/she decides to change the terms of contract or wants a business change, which he/she can only do by renegotiating the terms. While under an employment contract, the employer is under an obligation to deal fairly with the employees under the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, otherwise he/she can be held liable for violation of contract and breach of the duty to act in good faith.
There may be issues and problems that arise out of a poorly-drafted employment contract which could adversely affect the employer-employee relationship. This underscores the importance of having a well-written employment contract.
Joseph Farzam Law Firm is a professional and highly skilled employment attorney who can represent an employee with their employment contract or any other employment law issues.  Feel free to contact our office for a free consultation.  We would be glad to assist you and inform you of your rights and protections.